Proven science for inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mould, and mildew on virtually any surface

Traditional sanitisers stop working once they dry. The moment microorganisms are reintroduced to a clean surface, regrowth begins, and the threat returns.

Novālent bonding antimicrobial finally gives you the upper hand.

Turn any surface into a microbial no-zone

From floors and walls to fixtures, food prep areas, and food processing equipment, Novālent bonding antimicrobial turns any surface in your facility into a no-go area where microbes can’t survive or replicate.

  • Continual biostatic action stays effective through daily cleanings and use
  • Reduces the risks of surface cross-contamination, shutdown or non-compliance
  • Compliments normal cleaning regimens and improves overall cleaning efficiency
  • Blocks those typical harborage areas from microbial growth
  • Inhibit bacteria and fungi from returning to your Novalent-treated surfaces

Download the Novālent AM RTU Safety Data Sheet (PDF).

Download the Commercial Laundry Data Sheet (PDF).

Download the Textile Data Sheet (PDF).

Studies demonstrate durability and adherence through day to day cleaning.

Novālent bonding antimicrobial’s unique properties anchor it to any surface for up to 90 days and multiple cleaning cycles. Once the invisible film dries, it won’t re-dissolve.

  • Extends the time between deep-cleans
  • Easy periodic application—just apply on and let it dry
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your facility is always protected

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Physical action, not chemical

Novālent antimicrobial is unique in that it not only destroys bacteria, fungi, and algae, it also prevents them from re-emerging.

  • Combats development of resistant strains
  • Safe for people, animals and the environment
  • Water-based, colourless, odourless

Another layer of protection, anywhere

  • EPA-approved for use on both food contact and non-food contact surfaces
  • Works on porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Non leaching, non-toxic and environmentally responsible
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial protection